Legislative Day 22 was a day of quick work in the House Education Committee. The following bills were discussed and
Legislative day 21 was an indicator of what we will see the remainder of the session.  There will be some
Day 18 brings a flurry of activity from Senate Education and Youth Committee.  Here are the bills that were heard
Day 17 saw the House Ed subcommittees hold a hearing on three new bills.  Two of the three received a
Day 16 completed a week of high activity.  This is likely a prelude to what is to come over the
Day 15 started with the House Rules Committee Chair Richard Smith setting some restrictions on how many bills will be
The Senate continues to work through the AFY23 by hearing from the departments and agencies in our state. This is
Today in the legislature both chambers are beginning to ramp up their work. The House Education Committee held two subcommittee
GSSA Announces 2023 Superintendent of the Year for the state of Georgia and now will represent Georgia at the national
In the links below you will find the presentations for some of our great speakers at the 2019 Fall Bootstrap