District Office leadership matters! Studies indicate that superior leadership within a school district’s office has a direct correlation to increased
The Georgia School Superintendents Association is excited to introduce an array of expanded services and support structures for new superintendents
The successful operation of any school system depends upon effective organization, recruitment, and management of human resources. This institute provides
The appropriate housing of Georgia’s increasing student population depends upon effective funding, planning and construction of school facilities. The Facilities
The successful operation of a local school system is largely dependent upon effective planning and preparation of the system budget;
The Senior Executive Leadership Program for School Superintendents This program is designed to advance experienced superintendents to the next level
Day 39 was a day of waiting on the shoe to drop but it never came on SB 233.  Instead there
Day 38 was a wild ride with the focus on SB 233 Georgia Promise Scholarship Act (voucher) was added to
Day 37 was a day full of last minute shenanigans with fits and starts when it comes to passing legislation.