Superintendent Executive Leadership Program The challenge of retaining a superintendency for long periods of time is evident in our state’s
One of the most challenging roles in our current education system is that of local school superintendent. The Superintendent Professional
District Office leadership matters! Studies indicate that superior leadership within a school district’s office has a direct correlation to increased
The New Superintendent Orientation provides first-year superintendents with a concise overview of several critical responsibilities of the Georgia school superintendent
The successful operation of any school system depends upon effective organization, recruitment, and management of human resources. This institute provides
The appropriate housing of Georgia’s increasing student population depends upon effective funding, planning and construction of school facilities. The Facilities
The successful operation of a local school system is largely dependent upon effective planning and preparation of the system budget;

Communicating Education

Become a Powerful Communicator Through All Forms of Media. Communication is the vehicle to leadership. Learn to do it well. Designed specifically for school leaders everywhere — whether a rookie, aspiring administrator or a veteran in public affairs — these courses build your confidence, leading to greater performance. You won’t just be heard.  You […]