One of the most challenging roles in our current education system is that of local school superintendent.  The Superintendent Professional Development Program (SPDP) prepares aspiring superintendents for bold, versatile and visionary leadership. A two-year program of study, SPDP emphasizes executive skills and knowledge a successful superintendent must possess in order to lead a district. Learning experiences are designed to foster competency in strategic leadership, school governance, community relations, and organizational leadership.

Georgia educators with three or more years’ experience as a school or system leader are encouraged to apply for the Superintendent Professional Development Program. A committee selected by GSSA will oversee the selection of twenty-five participants.

Click here for Program Outline and Schedule


Persons interested in applying to the Superintendent Professional Development Program (SPDP) are encouraged to review the letter (click hereoutlining the program and schedule. Applicants are required to submit the following:

    1. Application Form (Click Here) — The signature of the applicant’s system superintendent, endorsing participation if selected. is required.
    1. Resume Form (Click Here) — Additional resume pages will not be considered.
    1. Request for Recommendation Form (Click Here) — This form should be sent to someone thoroughly familiar with the applicant, both personally and professionally. Once completed, the form should be mailed to the GSSA office by the individual completing it.
  1. Application Fee — A $500 application fee is required and helps defray a portion of the cost of assessment activities. Applicants may submit a system check, personal check, or system purchase order. The check or purchase order is refunded if the applicant is not selected for participation.

The deadline for submission of applications is Friday, July 21, 2023.