Legislative day 24 Don’t confuse me with the facts.  SB 173 which is the same bill as HB 301 from the Senate side passed out of committee through a process of limited discussion not any substantive dialog.  Chair Chuck Hufstetler chaired the Senate Finance Committee and seemed to be in a rush to move on the bill rather quickly.  Senators Jack Hill, Butch Miller, Steve Gooch, Bill Cowsert, Ellis Black, John Albers, Bruce Thompson, Bill Heath, and Chuck Payne all voted yes on the bill. Senators Nan Orock, Lester Jacskon, Michael “Doc” Rhett voted no on the bill. This was along party lines.   It now moves to rules.  The other voucher/ESA HB 301 was teed up to have a second hearing in the House Ways and Means Committee but was not taken up. The fiscal note on HB 301 had a cost of near $50 million the first year with over $500 million over several years of additional funds. There is no fiscal note currently for SB 173 but somehow it was revenue neutral so some of the supporting Senators stated. (not likely) The sponsor of the SB 173 is freshman Senator Greg Dolezal who presented the bill without the system wide average in it but the local five mill share remains in the calculation so the voucher student will still walk with more money than the public school child sitting in their chosen school.  I guess the Senators overlooked that detail as they moved the bill in haste. Contact your Senators and voice your position on this bill. (SB 173)

The House passed the FY20 budget with the state earned teacher/certificated raise of $2775 intact.  It will now go to the Senate for their shot at it. Thank you House of Represntatives.

Academic Achievement subcommittee heard several bills two of them i will point out to you.  HB 83 the recess bill has returned to the committee.  This is a prescriptive bill that has good intentions but again is an over reach by our legislature.  They are again reaching down to the teacher/classroom level and telling them when they should have recess. Passed on to full committee.

HB 464 is prescriptive by telling local boards of education they must remove the requirement of prior notice when allowing public input.

Quote: The older i get, the less i listen to what people say but watch what they do. (my legislative motto)

Legislative day 25 is March 1, 2019. We look forward to some more fun and games.

Reminder crossover is March 7, 2019. 

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