Well, day 36 proved to be the day that SB 47 Special Needs Expansion voucher was voted out of the
With five legislative days remaining, the activity has picked up slightly with slow but steady floor voting in both chambers.
Interestingly, the pace of the session remains slow.  The House Education Committee heard two bills late Tuesday afternoon: SB 159
Legislative Days 30 and 31 were relatively quiet and routine.  The House Education Committee met and moved several Senate bills forward.
Day 26 was a tough day for K-12 education.  The expanded special needs voucher SB 47 was passed on the Senate
As of Friday (day 24) ended,  SB 153 was given new life and direction as legislators agreed to negotiate with the GOAL
Day 22 had more action on the House side with movement in the Ways and Means subcommittee HB 32 which is
This was a lighter and slower day day than yesterday.  HB 385 which is the Governor's return to work bill was
Monday, February 22, was legislative day 20 and the Senate Education and Youth Committee met and moved three bills out
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