As we approach Crossover Day, the pace under the Gold Dome sure has picked up.  Committee meetings ruled the work this week.  Thanks to those of you who have reached out and continue to communicate with your delegation.  Your communications really do make a difference.


All bills that receive a “DO PASS” from the committee to which they were assigned must move through either the House or Senate Rules Committee.  If the bill is approved by the Rules Committee, it will be placed on that chamber’s rules calendar for a vote in the chamber.  As of the end of the twenty-sixth legislative day, fifty-one bills have already crossed over to the other chamber.  To see all of the bills that have already crossed over, you can review the HOT TAB on the GSSA website or the listing on the GSSA APP.  Bills that cross over will be assigned to a new committee in the other chamber on their journey to complete the legislative process before the end of the session.


HOT TAB                54 bills of educational interest that have passed the originating chamber and will cross over to the other chamber on the twenty-eighth legislative day.  We will be focusing on the cross over bills in the last twelve days of the legislative session.

WORK TAB            43 bills of educational interest that have passed out of committee in the originating chamber and have moved on to the Rules Committee for consideration to move to the entire chamber for a vote.  These bills must make it out of the Rules Committee and pass the entire chamber before the end of the twenty-eighth legislative day of this session.

WATCH TAB          70 bills of educational interest that are still waiting for a committee meeting hearing.  Currently, these bills have the least chance of crossing over on the twenty-eighth legislative day.


Following is a listing of the 43 bills that we are currently tracking under WORK TAB of on the GSSA website.  These bills have the best chance of making it past Crossover Day in the next two legislative days.


Bill# Title TrackLev Sponsor House Com Senate Com
HB 0352 Motor vehicles; annual license fees; exclude certain vehicles from the fee charged to alternative fueled vehicles


Work Charles Martin Ways & Means  
HB 0418 Teachers Retirement System of Georgia; certain members shall be eligible to obtain creditable service for international teaching service; provide


Work Tommy Benton Retirement  
HB 0482 Georgia Educational Scholarship Act; enact


Work Wesley Cantrell Ways and Means  
HB 0493 Open and public meetings; agency minutes and online videos; require public commentary be included


Work Valencia Stovall Governmental Affairs  
HB 0624 Georgia Legislative Retirement System; define certain terms; change certain provisions


Work Paul Battles Retirement  
HB 0642 Local government; provide definitions; provisions


Work Chad Nimmer Governmental Affairs  
HB 0672 Motor vehicles; use of speed detection devices by law enforcement officers employed for the patrol of a public elementary or secondary school; provide


Work Erica Thomas Public Safety and Homeland Security  
HB 0702 Postsecondary education; service cancelable education loan program for students in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics who work in certain positions; provide


Work Heath Clark Higher Education  
HB 0713 Postsecondary education; HOPE and Zell Miller eligibility requirements relative to students who graduated from an ineligible high school; provide


Work Joyce Chandler Higher Education  
HB 0722 Move on When Ready Act; definition of eligible postsecondary institution; revise


Work David Casas Education  
HB 0759 Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program; prior school year requirement; revise


Work Scot Turner Education  
HB 0762 Quality Basic Education Act; sexual abuse and assault awareness education in kindergarten through grade 9; provide


Work Wesley Cantrell Education  
HB 0781 Sales and use tax; comprehensive revision of tax for educational purposes; provisions


Work Kevin Tanner Education  
HB 0843 Revenue and taxation; tax credits; include any census tract in a county that contains a federal military installation and industrial park


Work James Shaw Ways and Means  
HB 0844 Georgia Commission on Hearing Impaired and Deaf Persons; revise provisions


Work Penny Houston Health and Human Services  
HB 0852 Quality Basic Education Act; student’s continued enrollment in a public school under certain circumstances; provide


Work Michael Smith Education  
HB 0871 Sales and use tax; 50 percent of the sales price of manufactured homes; create exemption


Work Dominic Lariccia Ways and Means  
HB 0886 Sales and use tax; exemption for agricultural machinery and equipment; provisions


Work Sam Watson Agriculture and Consumer Affairs  
HB 0899 Contracts; limitation on disqualification of bidders; change


Work Dominic Lariccia Governmental Affairs  
HB 0908 Education; certain individuals over 20 years old may be eligible to enroll in a state charter school; provide


Work Robert Dickey Education  
HB 0928 Education; extend period during which a student may receive a HOPE scholarship; provisions


Work Ricky Williams Higher Education  
HB 0944 Revenue and taxation; levy of joint county and municipal sales and use tax by consolidated governments; change certain provisions


Work Allen Peake Ways and Means  
HB 0948 Commerce and trade; banning commercial sales of regulated goods, products, or items; prohibit county, municipal and consolidated governments


Work Rick Jasperse Agriculture and Consumer Affairs  
HB 0951 Education; establish Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation; provisions


Work James Shaw Small Business Development  
HB 0963 Quality Basic Education Act; annual development of promoted list of industry credentials that meet certain high-demand criteria; provide


Work Buzz Brockway Education  
HB 1005 Torts; private right of action for damages suffered due to sexual harassment under certain circumstances; provide


Work Deborah Gonzalez    
HR 0992 Local sales and use tax; use for educational purposes of a school system; authorize – CA


Work Kevin Tanner Education  
HR 1016 Diabetes; necessity for education; recognize


Work Karen Bennett Health and Human Services  
HR 1017 State and local educational agencies and schools; dyslexia has a profound educational impact that must be addressed; recognize


Work John Corbett Education  
HR 1036 State of Georgia; fund public awareness campaign in support of computer science education; urge


Work Dar’shun Kendrick Science and Technology  
HR 1162 House Study Committee on the Establishment of a State Accreditation Process; create


Work Brooks Coleman Education  
HR 1309 Barker, Dr. Steve; Georgia’s 2018 School Superintendent of the Year; commend


Work Lynn Smith    
SB 0082 HOPE; need based HOPE scholarship and grant; create


Work Lester Jackson   Higher Education
SB 0235 “Deantre Gregory Turman Act”


Work Donzella James   Education and Youth
SB 0293 Retirement; employment of beneficiaries of the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia; repeal existing provisions


Work Ellis Black   Retirement
SB 0309 Elections; time for opening and closing of the polls; provide


Work Joshua McKoon   Ethics
SB 0337 Admissions and Confessions; effective date for the procedure; testimony of a child’s description of sexual contact; provide


Work Renee Unterman   Judiciary
SB 0355 Nuclear Generating Plant; recovery of the costs of financing the construction; provisions; change


Work Chuck Hufstetler   Regulated Industries and Utilities
SB 0401 Individual Graduation Plans; guidance in career oriented aptitudes and career interests; provide


Work Lindsey Tippins   Education and Youth
SB 0426 “Broadband Infrastructure Leads to Development (BILD) Act”


Work Steve Gooch   Regulated Industries and Utilities
SB 0435 School Buses; civil monetary penalties regarding violations of the duties of a driver; enforcement; revise


Work Brandon Beach   Public Safety
SB 0456 “Quality Basic Education Act”; no high school which receives funding; shall participate unless association has separate regions and playoffs; provide


Work Jeff Mullis   Education and Youth
SB 0457 School Safety Plans; conduct drills on the execution of school safety plans based on guidance from Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency; require


Work Horacena Tate   Education and Youth

The bills listed above have only until the end of the twenty-eighth legislative day to continue to be considered for this legislative session.  Some of the bills will be amended to other bills.  It always proves to be an interesting few days until Crossover Day.


The legislators will meet Monday, February 26th for the twenty-seventh legislative day and Wednesday, February 28th for the twenty-eighth legislative day.  These days both have the potential of being very long days.

We will begin doing daily reports for the last 12 days of the session. The twenty-ninth legislative day is scheduled for Thursday, March 1st.


If I can be of assistance to you with any of the activities of the 2018 legislative session, please contact me.


Michael Surma

Legislative Liaison

Georgia School Superintendents Association


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