As we approach the half-way point of this legislative session, thirteen House and two Senate bills have crossed over or are in the process of crossing over during the past four legislative days.  These bills will continue on their journey to passage by both chambers before moving to the Governor’s desk for consideration.  To follow the progress of all of the educational bills that we are tracking this session, go to the GSSA website legislative tab or use the GSSA App.



HB 0061 Hot Sales and use tax; certain retailers to either collect and remit or notify purchaser and state; require Jay Powell
2/5/2018 Senate – Senate Read Second Time Ways & Means Finance
Finance – Taxation




HB 0159 Hot Domestic relations; adoption; substantially revise

general provisions

Albert Reeves
2/5/2018 Senate – Senate Agreed House Amend or Sub Judiciary Judiciary
Miscellaneous Student Matters
Passed House and Senate. Senate Amendment. Needs House action




HB 0217 Hot Income tax credit; certain scholarship organizations;

increase amount of the aggregate cap on contributions

John Carson
2/7/2018 Senate – Senate Conference Committee Appointed 52nd, 21st, 1st Ways & Means Finance
Finance – Funding Home,Charter and Choice





HB 0432 Hot Tuition grants; certain institutions that lack

accreditation be approved for tuition equalization

purposes; provide

Matt Dubnik
1/31/2018 Senate – Senate Committee Favorably Reported Higher Education Higher Education
Finance – Funding Home,Charter and Choice





HB 0538 Hot Fulton County; Board of Education; pension and

retirement pay to teachers and employees;

create system

Wendell Willard
2/8/2018 House – House Passed/Adopted Retirement




HB 0655 Hot Quality Basic Education Act; post sign containing

telephone number to receive reports of child abuse;

require every public school

Ricky Williams
2/8/2018 House – House Passed/Adopted Education
Governance Student Matters
House Ed Hearing 2/1




HB 0683 Hot Supplemental appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 David Ralston
2/7/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Appropriations Appropriations
Finance – Funding




HB 0692 Hot Deferred compensation plans; governing authority of a municipality may pay costs or fees associated with an employee’s participation in a plan; provide Howard Maxwell
2/7/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Retirement Retirement




HB 0700 Hot Georgia Student Finance Authority; service cancelable educational loans; include graduate degree programs Dave Belton
2/8/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Higher Education Veterans, Military and Homeland Security
Student Matters




HB 0701 Hot State employment; drug testing; allow testing for

all forms of opioids

Kevin Tanner
2/6/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Health and Human Services Health and Human Services




HB 0728 Hot Public Education Innovation Fund Foundation; repeal an uncodified sunset provision Brooks Coleman
2/8/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Ways and Means Finance
Finance – Funding




HB 0756 Hot Sales and use tax; annual reporting requirements

regarding projects using SPLOST funds; revise

Scott Hilton
2/8/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Ways and Means Finance
Finance – Funding




HB 0771 Hot Heard County; Board of Education; provide new

method of compensating members

Randy Nix
2/7/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Referred Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations
Local to Heard County




HR 0930 Hot National Principals Month; month of October;


James Epps
1/23/2018 House – House Read and Adopted




HR 1063 Hot National School Counseling Week at the state capitol; February 5-9, 2018; recognize Joyce Chandler
2/6/2018 House – House Read and Adopted




SB 0118 Hot Autism; age limit for coverage for autism spectrum

disorders for an individual covered under a policy or

contract; change

Renee Unterman
2/8/2018 House – House First Readers Insurance Insurance and Labor
Student Matters
Finance – Taxation




SB 0317 Hot Homestead Exemption; Fulton County school district; ad valorem taxes for educational purposes; provide John Albers
1/22/2018 House – House Second Readers Intragovernmental Coordination State and Local Governmental Operations
Finance – Taxation
Would affect the Fulton County School Board




SB 0338 Hot Administrative Procedure; agency rule making;

modify requirements

William Ligon
2/8/2018 Senate – Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute Judiciary




SR 0712 Hot Math Day; recognize February 13, 2018 Chuck Hufstetler
2/7/2018 Senate – Senate Read and Adopted
Student Matters


One interesting report, as mentioned in John Zauner’s Friday News, HB778, (known as the CTAE merger) has been pulled from the legislative process for the 2018 session. It will not move this session.


With the close of the 18th legislative day on Thursday, February 8th, committee work is really taking center stage.  Adding to the committee work this week will be the House Appropriation Subcommittee meetings on the proposed FY 19 budget.

The House Appropriations Education Subcommittee meeting will be on Monday, February 12th in room 341 Capitol from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.   The posted agenda for the meeting includes presentations on the FY 19 proposed budget by the following agencies:


Professional Standards Commission

Office of Student Achievement

Employees’ Retirement System

Teachers Retirement

Department of Early Care & Learning

Department of Education


Public comment will be taken at the meeting.  A sign-up sheet will be available.


The Senate Education and Youth Committee is also scheduled to meet on Monday and Wednesday of the upcoming week.


The committee will meet at 3 p.m.  The agenda for Monday’s meeting includes three bills:


HB 273          Quality Basic Education Act; daily recess for students in kindergarten and grades one through five


SB 97             Early Care and Learning parents in job training or educational program; expand child care subsidies


SB 235           This bill relates to miscellaneous provisions regarding elementary and secondary education, so as to strongly encourage that youth athletes participating in gridiron football be equipped with and wear a helmet which has at least a four-star rating on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings scale at the time of its use;


The agenda for Wednesday’s meeting is not available at this time.


The House Education Committee is scheduled to meet on Thursdays.   There is no agenda posted for the meeting at this time.


The House Education Committee will also operate subcommittees, which will hear assigned bills before the full committee meets.  Public input is allowed during the subcommittee meetings.


The House Education Subcommittee on Academic Achievement will meet on Monday.  The current posted agenda includes the following bills:


HB 801          Revise Georgia Individualized Education Account Act.  This is a major revision of one of the current voucher bills.  Please contact your delegation to discuss this bill with them.


HR 1017        State and local educational agencies and school; dyslexia has a profound educational impact


If I can be of assistance to you with any of the activities of the 2018 legislative session, please contact me.


Michael Surma

Legislative Liaison

Georgia School Superintendents Association



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