Day Thirty-nine, March 27, 2018


Day thirty-nine turned out to be a long day under the Gold Dome. The first action of the day was for the Appropriations Conference Committee to come to agreement on the FY19 Budget. If you have not already heard, this committee agreed to return $166,769,846 dollars to the K-12 budget to eliminate the austerity cut.  A special thanks goes out to the Governor and the entire legislative body for all of their efforts to make the fund whole again.  To see the entire Conference Committee version of the FY19 Budget, use this link to the Conference Committee version of the FY 19 budget – HB 684. The education department portion of the budget begins on page forty-six of the document. The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement information is on page fifty-six and dual enrollment information is on page ninety-seven.  Budget information regarding teacher retirement can be found on page one hundred-one. The new bond section begins on page one hundred-eleven.

The FY19 Budget was passed by the full Senate on Tuesday. It has been sent to the full House for a vote on Thursday.  The agreed upon budget must be voted on by both the Senate and the House before the budget goes to the Governor for final approval or line item veto.


As the day moved on, the Senate and House both took up a long list of bills to consider on their respective Rules Calendars.  At the end of a long evening, around 11:00 p.m., some bills had passed, others passed by substitution, and some waited for the following day.  Many of the bills that passed by substitute were amended with other bills or sections of bills, that did not make the Rules Calendar.  With all of the action going on at this late stage of the 2018 Legislative Session, we are doing our best to track the status of and possible changes to the education related bills.  Remember, that even when bills pass the Senate or House, they do not become law until the Governor signs them.  We will have a complete report of the bills that have made it through the entire process at the Bootstrap conference coming up in April.


There were six education related bills that GSSA is tracking on the House Rules Calendar for Tuesday.


HR 1317        Create a House Study Committee on Reforming Real Property Taxation.



SB 154           Sexual contact between school employee and student.  The original bill is HB 1006.

PASSED by Substitute


SB 315           Computer Crimes; create a new crime of unauthorized computer access and provides penalties.

PASSED by Substitute


SB 335           Human trafficking of persons for labor or sexual servitude.  Bill is amended with HB 1006.  SB 154 Already passed HB 1005 replaced the wording of SB 145.

House Postponed, may be taken up on Thursday


SB 338           Administrative Procedure; modify the requirements for agency rule making.  The bill was amended in Rules Committee.  Legislative branch can review and change agency rules if they seem fit.

PASSED by Substitute



SB 401           Individual Graduation Plans; provide career oriented aptitudes and career interests.

This bill was amended with:

HB 392          Move on When Ready Act; Allow students taking dual credit courses at certain eligible postsecondary institutions to receive funding.

HB 762          Quality Basic Education Act; Provide for sexual abuse and assult awareness education in kindergarten through grade nine.

PASSED by Substitute.


The Senate Rules Calendar contained fourteen bills that received a vote on Tuesday or are waiting for a vote on Thursday.  Since all of the bills on the Senate Rules Calendar for Thursday are on the table, they can be taken up in any order to be voted on.


HB 61            Require certain retailers to either collect and remit or notify purchasers and state sales and use taxes.  Was “engrossed” (cannot be changed) by Senate.

PASSED by Substitute


HB 327          Alternative ad valorem tax; change the manner for determining fair market value of motor vehicles.  Taken off the table late Tuesday evening, but put back on the table.  GSSA opposes the Senate version of HB327. 

TABLED till Thursday


HB 538          Fulton County; Board of Education changes to the pension and retirement fund to pay teachers and employees.  This is for an old fund specific to Fulton County School System.



HB 664          Income Tax; deduction from income tax for contributions to savings trust accounts.  This bill has been “engrossed” (cannot be changed).

TABLED till Thursday


HB 668          Allows for provisions to the petition for appointment of a guardian under certain circumstances

TABLED till Thursday


HB 713          Postsecondary Education; Allows for Georgia Military College students to be eligible for HOPE and the Zell Miller scholarship.  College on quarters not semesters.  Amended on Floor.  Sunset date on bill and SB 5 Attached.

SB 5   To establish the percentage of the lottery proceeds for each fiscal year which must equal the net proceeds to be transferred to the state treasury for credit to the Lottery for Education Account; to provide for exceptions.

PASSED by Substitute


HB 743          Jeremy nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act.

TABLED until Thursday


HB 787          Education; certain provisions relative to charter schools.  Two floor amendments were added to make the bill basically the same as the house version.  GSSA opposes the Senate Floor substitute of SB 787.

PASSED Substitute


HB 791          State Government; limited waiver of state’s sovereign immunity for declaratory or injunctive relief under certain circumstances.

TABLED till Thursday


HB 853          Quality Basic Education Act; children placed in psychiatric residential treatment facilities may not be charged tuition.

TABLED till Thursday


HB 871          Sales and Use Tax; create an exemption for fifty percent of the sales price of manufactured homes.

PASSED Substitute


HB 951          Education; Establish a Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovations.

TABLED till Thursday


HB 978          Motor Vehicles; Develops the provisions for the automatic traffic enforcement safety devices in school zones (Substitute)

TABLED till Thursday


HR 898          Joint Study committee on the Establishment of a State Accreditation Process.

TABLED till Thursday


The Senate and House will convene at 10:00 a.m. for legislative day forty, the final day of the 2018 Legislative Session.



COMMITTEE MEETINGS – Thursday, March 29, 2018


9:00 a.m.     House Rules Committee                                                  314 CAP




Legislative Calendar for the final day of the 2018 Legislative Session


Wednesday, March 28                                           Off – unless you are writing reports and reading bills — trying to figure out what happened yesterday under the Gold Dome.

Thursday, March 29                                              convene for legislative day 40


Be on the lookout for John Zauner’s weekly reports, daily reports, and possibly several reports a day as well as his Twitter feeds.  We will post a legislative report for day forty and a preliminary end of session report early next week.


Be sure to check out the GSSA website or APP for the listing of all the bills we are following and how they are moving through the last hectic day of the session.


PASSED       Bills that have passed the House or Senate.  Legislation does not become a law until signed by the Governor.


HOT              These bills are in Rules Committees.


WORK          Bills in limbo – they may show up as amendments on a bill before the session is over.



If I can be of assistance to you with any of the activities of the 2018 Legislative Session, please contact me.


Michael Surma

Legislative Liaison

Georgia School Superintendents Association



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