Legislative day 33, was fairly routine.  Both chambers moved through their respective calendars up through the noon hour.  The House subcommittee and Senate Education and Youth full Committee held their afternoon meetings.

The House Education subcommittee moved three bills forward. 

SB 83 sponsored by Senator Jeff Mullis expands the teaching of Old and New Testament eras. This bill was quickly passed and will now go to the full Education Committee.

SB 60 Known as the cardiac Arrest Act. Evoking the names of Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely due to their early deaths due to a cardiac incident while participating in athletic activities.  One on the college football field the other on a middle school recreational basketball All-Star game.  This bill brings awareness and a protocol to the forefront.

SB 48 The Dyslexia legislation that requires screening of all students to identify those students with some reading deficiencies including but not limited to Dyslexia.  If passed this will be rolled out as a pilot as well as being subject to appropriations.  This bill will likely drive the number of students needing some specialized instruction.

The Senate Education and Youth Committee reviewed the following bills:

HB 59 Rep. Belton presented a bill that allows military children to enroll prior to actually being physically in the school district as long as there are current/active orders issued to the military family and they are official.  This allows for enrollment prior to actual residency.  Two unrelated amendments were added to this bill. First amendment; Allows Charter School Boards to participate by teleconference. This is found in Title 50 of the Georgia code. Second amendment; allows student to establish residency after acceptance by charter school.  Both amendments passed.  This is what happens this time of the session.  Legislators begin the process of attaching “pieces” of legislation that did not make it through crossover.  that why we will be diligent and the games begin.  The bill passed with the amendment and moves on to Senate rules committee.

HB 83 Rep. Douglas presented the Recess bill along with a short parade of supporters including some students.  Sen. Wilkinson made an impassioned case in support of the bill.  This was a hearing only but I anticipate it will be brought back to the committee for a vote this Wednesday.

HB 68 Rep. Carson The Student Scholarship Organizations to tighten up eligibility for some organizations to become an SSO.  This was a hearing only.

HB 530 Rep Hitchens discussed this bill that prohibits the withdrawal of a student to avoid compliance with laws relating to mandatory attendance, school discipline , parental involvement or parental responsibilities.  Has been introduced to due to the horrific death of two young children after parents withdrew students due to disagreement with school.  Parents implied they would home school students but never filed the appropriate paper work with GADOE.  This bill received a lot of verbal support.  Hearing only.

Committee meetings scheduled for tomorrow March 19, and Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  

Legislative Day 34, and 35, are Thursday and Friday, March 21, 22, 2019. We are winding down to wind up the last few days of the session.  

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