Legislative day 21 saw some interesting developments from both the House and Senate.  SB 68 relating to audit tracking and categorizing school systems based on audit results along with training requirements for boards and superintendents.  This passed the Senate very easily.  Now it moves to the House for consideration.

Legislation: New arrivals on the scene but not “new”.

SB 173 is a sibling of HB 301 are voucher bills cut from the same cloth.  They are both using education savings account to administer the voucher program.  These bills are intended to use public money for private purposes.  GSSA will be opposed to vouchers, period.  They have not been successful in the longest running voucher programs in our country.  Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Washington DC are the longest running voucher programs that have not shown any difference in student performance form their public school counter part.  The money is continuing to be dumped in the program in all three cases with little difference in the student achievement results.  The Washington DC voucher program is requiring more than expected funding.

A calendar Bill has arrived HB 421 prohibits local board of education from establishing a school starting date before the second full week in August.

SB 163 is the Tim Tebow Act .  Giving home school students access to public school extra curricular activities.  The House has its version HB 87.

SB 165 A GHSA bill.  The State Board establishing a non-profit governing body outside of the association. Not a new concept.

Bill on the move.

HB 365 changes the TATV again.  Moving the 7% to %6.6 tax. Rep. Shaw Blackmon is the sponsor of the bill. This bill will level the playing field versus new cars which are taxed on the retail sales and used cars tax were taxed on book value.  This bill will allow retail sale of used car to be used for tax purposes.  Supposedly, the result will be increased collection of tax dollars.  This bill passed out of Ways and Means subcommittee and now on to the full committee.

Legislative day 22 will begin at 10am Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

HB 109 the TRS bill is again being heard in the Retirement committee tomorrow at 2pm.

Stay tuned….

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